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Singapore Global Asset Technology Co., Ltd. was led by CTIN Investment Group.

Since its inception, with the financial trading industry as its core business, with its authoritative financial financing quality, professional operating team, top-level institutional resources, and unique financial vision, its business scope has quickly covered FX trading, global stock trading, industrial trusts, and financial derivatives , Digital currency transactions, financial transaction evaluation, global listing consulting and counseling and other service areas, and achieved business cooperation with many international top investment institutions.

GAT Technology draws on excellent financial management experience, gathers strong financial industry resources, aims to build a financial investment and wealth management company with global vision and sustainable development, adhering to safe and stable development ideas, and providing customers with a full range of wealth investment Channels and wealth management services help customers create, accumulate, and inherit wealth values.

GAT Technology also has the participation of many industry veterans.

CTIN Chief Technology Officer RUSSELL JOHANSSON has 25 years of experience in securities companies. Good at securities, global stock market, derivatives-futures, options, CFDs, FX margin, FX trading funds management, arbitrage and other hedge fund strategy technology development.

Lai Youming, Chief Financial Officer of GAT Technology, Bachelor of Statistics from Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, MBA from University of Texas, USA, led three companies to achieve U.S. stocks listing. He used to be 51Talk CFO, and also served as Pataidai (NYSE: PPDF) and Huami Technology (NYSE: HMI) independently Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee, CPA Certified Public Accountant in the United States, and currently CFO of GAT Technology.

In cooperation with colleagues, GAT Technology has developed “Global Asset Management Training Software”.

The GAT technology team will adhere to a professional attitude and provide absolutely professional services to many customers who choose us.

Under the settlement, the new rate must be at least 0.25 percentage point lower than the borrower’s existing rate, or decrease monthly payments by at least $100

Many borrowers haven’t been able to use this advantegous lower rates situation because off being “under water,” meaning they owe more than their homes are worth

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