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About Global Assets Technology Pte. Ltd.

Global Assets Technology Pte. Ltd. (GAT) is one part of the CTIN Investment Group and is an education-only software developer and education institution offering students access to educational materials including non-live data and education-only demonstration accounts for stock trading which do not use real money, or offer real profits or losses.

For GAT students who qualify as a consequence of demonstrated capacity and who then elect to use live data and real time accounts, GAT can refer those students to other companies to access those services.

GAT relies on the participation and input of many industry veterans.

Among them are:

CTIN Chief Technology Officer, RUSSELL JOHANSSON who has 25 years of experience in securities companies. Mr Russell provides input and training materials concerning securities, global stock market, derivatives-futures, options, CFDs, FX margin, FX trading funds management, arbitrage and other hedge fund strategy technology development.

LAI YOUMING, Chief Financial Officer of GAT, Bachelor of Statistics from Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, MBA from University of Texas, USA, who has led three companies to achieve U.S. stock market listing. Formerly the 51Talk CFO, Lai Yuming has also served as Pataidai (NYSE: PPDF) and Huami Technology (NYSE: HMI) independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee, CPA Certified Public Accountant in the United States, and is currently the CFO of GAT.

In cooperation with colleagues, GAT has developed “Global Asset Management Training Software”.

The GAT technology team will adhere to a professional attitude and provide absolutely professional services to the students who choose us as their education partner.


About the CTIN Investment Group

Since its inception, the CTIN Investment Group, with the financial trading industry as its core business, has developed authoritative financial financing quality, a professional operating team, top-level institutional resources, and unique financial vision. The CTIN Investment Group’s business scope has quickly expanded to cover FX trading, global stock trading, industrial trusts, and financial derivatives, digital currency transactions, financial transaction evaluation, global listing consulting and counselling and other service areas, having achieved business cooperation with many top international investment institutions.

CTIN Investment Group draws on excellent financial management experience, gathers strong financial industry resources, aims to build a financial investment and wealth management opportunity  with global vision and sustainable development, adhering to safe and stable development ideas. GAT, through its strong business associations, can refer students to other businesses with a full range of wealth investment channels and wealth management services to help GAT students create, accumulate, and inherit wealth values through those other businesses.

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